BOTEX is the umbrella brand for sound projects by Timon Botez. His work is influenced by the physical, yet invisible characteristics of sound, exploring the cavities in rhythmic cycles. His approach is intuitive and non linear with sounds that reference the constant and monotonous behaviour of man -
and his machines.


Timon builds on the strong relation between sound and physical form. "It is a question of giving audio a worthy appearance." For many of his projects he builds special "performers" to play the piece. These are large sculptural, instrument-looking speakers that mirrors the sound they play. As such, these explore the space in front of the sound source, funneling and projecting the moving air as a way of coloring/ sculpting the audio waves. When these come together they perform like an orchestra in the full range of audible frequencies.
sound system for
Snøhetta office party,
New York City 2011

installation at D0gA,

Centre for Design
and Architecture Oslo
Norway, 2010

Play sample clip:

LYDUR - download clip -

setup for live performance
MacBeth pub
Schoredich, London, UK 2009

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RING STEINER - download clip -

unnamed location
Jersey Shore
New Jersey

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Sheenage - download clip -