PREHISTORIC MAN (P-Man) was initiated by Damon Hayhirst and Timon Botez in London 2007. The idea was to build a physical and amplified orchestra for playing virtual instruments. The underlying goal was to be able to play so loud that it would put the performers into a trance. The project grew out of two rehearsal spaces and eventually landed in the basement of Pure Evil Gallery on Leonard Street in East London.
For the release of PHM's 1st album ALL ABOUT the duo screen printed posters. Edition of 100, hand job at the joint Botex/Heretic studio in Stoke Newington, East London.. Live "moving In" show as part of an opening exhibition in Leonard Street. This was a scaled down version of the rig, with the rest following weeks later. Its been there ever since.
Below from the previous space oposite the VIBE bar off Brick Lane in London's east end.
Above and below, joining members turned from virtual instruments to acoustic steel. Bottom image is from a live show at Mac Beth venue on Schordich Market in London. Note the Function One horn above Patrycia's head.

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