T & D was Damon Hayhirst and Timon Botez first attempt at making music. With an aligned opinion of what is good music, they held no knowledge of how to make it sound that way. Over the course of three years the duo met twice a week to practice. An array of virtual instruments along with intuitive improvisation. Their efforts resulted in 3 platinum albums (*) rounding off the project with a best off titled: What You See When You Get To The Front.

01. For The Root 3.26

T&D is Mr Boz and Mr Hay’s accumulative attemts to stay afloat. And this is the dazzling duo's first published work.

Neither with any knowledge of how, but with an aligned view of what's good, the duo has over the years been developing their aural artillery. The sound picture is custom, non linear conversing with improvisations. Their sounds are recorded live and left in the bag, close to untouched by post production.

These are tracks from their past 3 (unpublished) albums. All variations on the same theme. Introducing speech, collections of road trips and journeys to the other side. They have logged hard to keep the picture in focus and their costly effort has resulted into this selection. For your head, brought and served on a single plate. Now pay up.

A ll songs composed a nd recorded by T&D, ©Leftbag 2008 www.leftbag.com
Tracks are free to download zip bundle file - bout 60 mb, or click on each title.

01. For The Root 3.26
02.Tracks 1.07
03. Hell Over Water 4.10
04. Megatunnel7.12
05. Titletrack 15.28
06. Hook 1.00
07. Hungar 6.56

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T & D 01:

02. Hungar 6.56

This is the debut from the boys. For your eyes, ever. This collection gives you an insight to the movement on their retinas. This aural reference to a world of accumulated visual tangents is moulded around an effortless monotonous core. They are here bringing their own food to the table, all recorded while devouring. The edits are crude, post production minimal, all to keep the movement at constant. This norsen duo's debut demo will drop you into the depths of their visually intruded panorama.
Tracks free to download bundled zip file - bout 60 mb, click on titles.

01. Monoton 3:13
02. Hungar 6:56
03. Below Intro 5.25
04. Last Track 5:09
05. Suffering 6:32
06. Remmah Done 2:49
07. The Throb 1:33
08. Hook 2:42
09. Bonzer 1:38
10. Eagle Landed 2:29
11. Tracks 1:07
12. Sound 01 2:45
13. Head Antlers 5:42

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T & D 02:

09. The Boston Strangler

The title speaks for itself. This is a compilation of extended recording sessions. These tracks are close to unedited live takes, all a little to long to fit on a regular album format. They share a level of monotony and pace, never to get loud or aggressive. Hell, that's no surprise. They take you back and across the last two years of recordings, a long journey through our development. Not exactly 2 minutes pop songs - as if we could do that...
Tracks free to download bundled zip file - bout 60 mb, click on titles.

01. Bon Kusi 04:00
02. Choop 00:40
03. Ripp Rendered 05:52
04. Bass Hi 00:23
05. Title track 15:20
06. Even 00:48
07. The Snake 10:56
08. Chimes 00.08
09. Boston Strangler 09:24
10. Horror Bass 00:25
11. Q 13:00
12. Worth shavin 01:24
13. AllAround 05:12

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T & D 03:

03. Mega Tunnel

The concrete has set. The result of months. Matured and decomposed. This Album proves the boys have take their bloodied aprons off. The collection of songs goes for a momentous melodic monotony. With sharpened tools and a broadened ability to move the rhythmics out of linearity. There are variations on the same theme. But without repetition. Of the world. Forests and mountains. They have worked hard on logging to keep the picture in focus. The selection process has been slaughterous. A much challenging task. We are talking about their babies.
Tracks free to download bundled zip file - bout 60 mb, click on titles.

01 Hear this 6:12
02 Crazy Legs 3.44
03 Mega Tunnel 7:12
04 Hell Over Water 4:10
05 This Is Nervous 6:06
06 Cave Inn 4.33
07 Lamb... 13.21
08 Okay Okay 3:00
09 Hell Over Earth 3:47
10 Crazy Arms 5:46
11 Mellow Strings 0:36

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T & D :